How does Word set automatic extraction list

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To the friend of Word of begin to learn, do not know some functions of Word, for this small make up made the series text about Word technically. So below by small the skill that writes everybody to share next Word to set automatic extraction list, the hope can help you.

Word installs the step that draws list automatically to be as follows:

Measure one: Open Word to input need to extract the content of article catalog. You need to set catalog level for your article, cannot see the effect otherwise.

Measure 2: Between caption and text content carriage return, change a few.

Measure 3: Reach cursor fixed position above this position, click “ to cite ” , choose “ catalog ” next pulling the “ inside menu inserts catalog ” .

Measure 4: The type that you need chooses in interface of “ catalog ” .

Measure 5: Here can choose the symbolic form among catalog, font.

Measure 6: According to your article catalog level, set the catalog level here.

Measure 7: Be in next pulling inside menu, choose a kind of effect

Measure 8: Can see the effect of article catalog.

Measure 9: Amended an article, replace article catalog afresh.

Measure 10: According to your setting, the choice replaces option one kind, click “ to decide ” .

Measure 11: This moment can see, a moment ago modified modification article content, distributing be above different page number.

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