How does Word make 3 lines list

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We can encounter need always when editing Word documentation content to insert the condition of form, average person also knows common form how to be inserted, but do 3 lines express this how to be made? Very may much person is not quite clear, follow below small make up look together.

   Word3 lines express the measure that make

1. Open Word, the “ that clicks tool column inserts ” , insert form next.

2. Insert ” of the “ frame that tool column clicks after form and ground lines.

3. Immensity casing installs his to be clicked next after entering frame and page of ground lines setting affirmatory.

4. We can discover this moment the frame of form has disappeared, catch the group of pitch on form, enter “ frame and setting of ground lines ” again next.

5. Choose the style of frame and width, go up to what choose a row to add frame and below casing, next we can see the effect in form.

6. Final pitch on is final group, add below draw a frame round next, such 3 lines watches are made finish, be very convenient?

Word makes 3 lines express