How to make list automatically in Word2013

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Often need compose list when writing Word documentation, a lot of friends feel the hand is moved write catalog very troublesome and cannot link article page, so below by small the skill that writes everybody to share next Word2013 to make list automatically, the hope can help you.

Word2013 generates the measure of catalog automatically to be as follows:

Measure one: Open your Word documentation above all, find you to need editorial article.

Measure 2: Distribute your article title level to install, if the graph chooses one class title first.

Measure 3: Install secondary level directory next, catalog of ordinal setting multistage.

Measure 4: Finish the setting of all catalog.

Measure 5: Click right now cite - catalog, occurrence list, choose automatic catalog.

Measure 6: Click automatic catalog option, catalog ended newlier automatically, if follow-up catalog has new change,update again can.

Still saw the person that how “ makes catalog ” this language automatically in Word2013:

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