How to print setting color or picture with Word2010 documentation

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If you use Word2010 documentation,editorial documentation contains picture and setting scene, scenery and picture are carried on the back to print the word that come out without method when suffer from is printed, can see here you are OK and glad, ah. Want what share with everybody how to use Word2010 documentation to print the method of setting color or picture namely today.

Actually you need to had installed the option that print only, OK. Operation measure is narrated as follows:

The 1st pace, open Word2010 documentation window, ordinal click pushbutton of ” of option of “ file ”→“ .

Click pushbutton of “ option ” the 2nd pace, in the dialog box of “Word option ” that open, switch shows to “ ” option gets stuck. In “ “ of pitch on of area of ” of the option that print prints setting color and image ” answer choose casing, click “ to decide ” pushbutton can.

Color of the setting of pitch on “ that print and image ” answer choose casing little hint: After the setting prints setting color and image function, right all Word2010 documentation is effective. Because this user fulfils the after the setting that print is operated need of current Word2010 documentation,cancel “ to print setting color and image ” answer choose casing.