How to make with Excel2007 come loose bit of graph

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Medicinal powder point attempt is to observe to one of tools with most direct pitch concern between two variable, can passExcelChart scale gives two to come loose variably bit of graph, the distributinging case that orders a plan according to coming loose can decide the correlativity of two variable. Let below small make up bring for you how to make with Excel2007 medicinal powder the method that chooses a plan.

Make with Excel2007 medicinal powder the measure that choose a plan:

1, openExcel2007Input a groupFunction, what if have,had made is OK also take do. Click B2 unit case to input “=A2*$C$2+$D$2” in function column next, the number of B2 unit case can change.

2, insert ”→“ chart ”→“ to come loose in menu column “ again scrutiny of young of the ” that choose a plan explains.

3, the choice comes loose those who if “ takes flowing line,choose a plan medicinal powder the ” that choose a plan.

4, the effect graph after finishing.

5, feel reference axis is dissatisfactory, can click main abscissa of ”→“ of reference axis of “ layout ”→“ axial ”→“ is other and main ” of abscissa axis option.

6, format of setting reference axis, change the least value and maximum into fixed numerical value, enter parameter according to asking to fill.

Make about Excel2007 medicinal powder the relevant text that chooses a plan recommends:

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