How to make broken line plan with Excel2007

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When Excel2007 handles official bussiness, we often can use broken line graph examine data, make data more clear. Let below small make up bring the method that how makes broken line plan with Excel2007 for you.

Excel2007 makes move of broken line plan:

Above all, it is to open the EXCEL form that we want to make,

The 2nd, the choice wants the data section that scale broken line pursues, click next insert chart, following plan institute are shown.

The 3rd, broken line plan chooses on chart layout, select the kind of broken line graph of need according to his mode next, it is to use the first usually, click next affirmatory.

The 4th, very few to determining the chart content after, right key can be clicked to be able to play the chart content that gives next pictures in chart, need adds what content to be able to go up according to needing to add.

The 5th, small make up added reference axis and data label, the character inside the pane that pursues as follows returns what can revise.

The 6th, the feeling folds what pursue now show special malformation, small make up and you say, this can be revised, click the broken line on broken line graph first, click the attribute of right next, pursue as follows.

The 7th, fill and line attempt are clicked on attribute, click line attempt next, can the color that the line pursues, diaphaneity, size is waited a moment. . . Also can click mark at the same time, add inside buy mark, setting color size is waited a moment.

The 8th, also can add click chart, attribute adds design. Same method adds additionally one to fold show a picture, following plan institute are shown.

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