Frame line cannot revise Excel form how to do

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Form is being built inside Excel form is the commonnest thing, but do not have the person that has studied form more very much, often perhaps was not contacted or had learned the person of form, to how revising frame not be very meet, the processing technique that line of Excel form frame cannot revise is shared to everybody below.

The processing technique that line of Excel form frame cannot revise

Establish the first condition that a form is us above all, as to specific how to build, can right attack computer desktop to found, also can click begin to found a form.

Had built this we should use as after the form that will check, open this test form next, enter the editor window of form.

Be in next the form after opening is blank, at that time, we need to build a form first inside form, specific choice a few form are right attack, see an unit case is installed.

We nod stroke to offer option of place unit division, see below have a lot of settings about unit case, if be opposite neat etc, at that time we see pushbutton of a frame, click it.

Then we choose to open frame next, see below line of a lot of frame chooses to wait a series of mode a moment, we choose to set a clear watch draw a frame round first.

Him setting is clicked in us after frame, see here inside frame below have option of a color, we nod stroke to open color pushbutton, choose a kind of color, for instance gules.

After we choose good color finally, click affirmatory, can build frame successfully, and the frame color that adds oneself to want.

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