How does Excel set picture size

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If you are EXCEL abecedarian, because EXCEL function is powerful, just began to learn a lot of operation skill very hard for certain, here speaks the volume that how insert a picture and changes a picture according to need. Let below small invent the method that brings Excel to set picture size for you.

Excel installs picture volume move:

Measure 1 doubleclick pitch on picture, switch arrivesExcelinterface of pushbutton of tool of option of function of “ format ” , click set of function of “ size ” right the “” pushbutton of next horn, if pursue,1 is shown.

Graph 1

Measure the 2 numerical value in adjusting “ height ” and casing of text of “ width ” respectively, set picture size, click “ to shut ” pushbutton finally, if pursue,2 are shown.

Graph 2

If click lock of pitch on “ to decide aspect ratio ” ,be in in the “ volume that the graph shows 2 times and attribute ” dialog box answer choose casing, when adjusting height or width numerical value, its width or height will be coinstantaneous change, it is to the picture namely magnify in proportion or narrow.