Excel form how scale many curve

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General situation, we are commonly used is the chart that inserts a curve directly. But some moment, after we are completing a test, need undertakes contrasting analytic to the result. So, many curve is drawn on a graph with respect to meeting need, undertake many curve contrast. But much curve this how Where is scale? Below small make up tell everybody immediately.

Excel form scale the skill of many curve

1, following plan institute show adoption data, data passes Matlab to construct at will for him author. Two curves name respectively for B” of A” of “ Baidu curve and “ Baidu curve.

2, according to the ordinal and ordinal operation in next graphs: Insert (chart of gules number 1)- (gules number 2)- comes loose the option of bit of graph gets stuck (gules number of gules number 3)- the place of 4 labels - gules number 5(an empty graph) .

3, right on empty graph key - choose data - the dialog box of source of occurrence choice data, click add - the dialog box of occurrence data series - the choice area in choosing series name (gules number 2 express) – dot chooses A” of “ Baidu curve this name. Nod next shut return dialog box of editor data series afresh.

4, according to same way, edit the series value of X axis. Click gules number after the area of 2, press mouse Zun Jian to pull choose gules figure the number of 1 area, after appearing red number the ‘ of 2 area edits ’ of data set map.

5, according to with 4 same measure, choose the series value of Y axis. Appeared the graph of 5-3 area.

6, Alexandrine, choosing the dialog box of data source, click the series name that adds B” of curve of “ Baidu experience, value of X axis series and Y shafting list a value. Pursue as follows. Two curves had appeared in the graph.

7, the “+” date on the right side of option plan, can increase reference axis caption and legend to wait, pursue as follows. Can revise reference axis caption to wait. Legend of pitch on “ (after Baidu curve A and Baidu curve B)” , can ” of font of “ of right key choice, undertake modification to the font of legend. The coordinate problem of X axis and Y axis also can revise font to wait so likewise.

8, the setting extent that place of occurrence 8-3 of – of format of series of data of setting of – of right key of the – after A” of curve of Baidu of pitch on “ shows. ” of line of pitch on “ can undertake modification to line (the) such as the degree of finish that is like line or color. Series of data of ”- of choice “ mark labels - inside if buy – chooses square – to return the size of changeable appearance. The effect pursues as follows.

9, likewise right the ‘ fill ’ in mark and ‘ frame ’ can have corresponding setting, achieve oneself satisfactory result.

10, also can mix to “ effect ” likewise ” of “ size property undertake installing, so that achieve satisfactory result,him need is adjusted.

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