Before Excel form 2 show from beginning to end

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Form is made in use Excel when us or be when reading a document, sometimes the content of form is very much, we cannot look in one page, the travel sign that sees the above correspondence when the page content below when us or be to list mark to be concealed, we need him they are frozen, let their caption be not moved, it is OK that content is moved. Be shared to everybody below.

Excel form sets means of before freezing two immobile

Enter form above all inside, it is a piece of empty white paper, we make the form that a few words fill a number one piece at this moment with imitating casually, we make a headline that expresses a head first, incorporate above all unit case, come according to my measure, pitch on a few unit case, right attack, the choice sets unit pattern.

Click in occurrence dialog box right neat, be opposite Qi Li finds amalgamative and unit case to make a check mark.

I to make form effect vivid and a bit more intuitionistic, increased bid of a travel for form, such we have the effect more.

Here we are before wanting to freeze 3, so our cursor is in the 4th surely, namely the position of A4, can see positional office has a black circle, click view next, find in view freeze window case command, pursue as follows

Click freeze the first in window case, freeze fractionation window case namely. After clicking, look in order to see form is much mediumer a black line, be in namely of A4 above, before means 3 are to be frozen, cannot move.

At this moment we are down slip mouse, can see the effect, everybody sees next pictures is 3 come down even if 10, this expresses in front a few already