Excel conceals the tutorial of form

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  ExcelOften need to conceal form in, conceal form specific how should undertake operating? It is small below make up the brought tutorial that conceals form about Excel, hope to after been read, be inspired somewhat to you!

Excel conceals form tutorial:

Conceal form measure 1: Conceal groovily in the format to be versed in the setting in tabulation is concealed above all

Conceal form measure 2: We change new way. In the tool grand inside editor of choice Visual Basic

Conceal form measure 3: The tool chooses in the editor grand. Playing two are founded in the face plate that go out grand

Conceal form measure 4: The name is OK oneself allow to take, but a few names that acquiesce with the system cannot conflict

Conceal form measure 5: We will edit code we mix last in the first among insert, Command (Present watch name is Sheet2) Sheet2.visable=2 this is to conceal a function

Conceal form measure 6: Next again another grand what input nevertheless according to calabash picture gourd ladle is Sheet2.visable=1

Conceal form measure 7: Wanting hidden moment to be able to click a tool grand go running this grand can. Also can be in become this grand lane in the definition oneself pushbutton. Can bolt so concealed.