How does Excel form install a character to invert

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The function of Excel too too powerful, a lot of functions need us to discover slowly and be used, here a very good function, invert the character quickly. The operation skill that the character in Excel is being shared to everybody below inverts quickly, believe to learn this function the meeting is very interesting.

Excel form sets the means that the character inverts

Open Excel above all, input data of a group of tests.

Duplicate the first data is stickup go to the 2nd, hold the pitch on position of the 2nd data.

In beginning option to get stuck, font group we add a @ in front of body of the Song Dynasty, next carriage return. We can see literal direction produced change.

In beginning option to block pair of neat fashion groups next, invert literal direction downward.

We can see present character had turned vertical setting of types into the character.

Next we click the pushbutton of automatic line feed in beginning option to get stuck.

Success, we realized a character inverted.

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