Operation of the line feed inside Excel2007 unit case promotes fast skill

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The data acquiesce that inputs in Excel unit case has group only, the data that should let an input has two kinds of methods in the line feed inside unit case.

One of, when the data-in in unit case, should press “Alt+Enter” combines key to be able to be in place of place of unit case cursor directly only line feed.

Secondly, make choice of needs the unit standard of line feed, ” option begins in “ “ is clicked in card icon of ” of automatic to the “ of top right corner of area of neat means ” line feed, become this later when the text content in unit case exceeds unit case width, meet automatic line feed. Automatic line feed is only right the content of text format is effective, and line feed of “Alt+Enter” combination key is mixed to text number but direct line feed, just meet after logarithm word line feed change it into text format at the same time.