The 1 action that can promote PPT efficiency absolutely " choose a target " skill

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When each one is building PPT, deserve often can come up against PPT amount of the tool in unified page is more, and when existence folds an implication between the tool, meteoric him pitch on wants can do nothing about it the state of the tool. Make we often are done in order to be a few repeatedly and not necessary wanted thing, form obedience extremely low.

How should this do? Honest PPT furnished for us a window that chooses a tool tantivy, it is the “ in PPT function of division of window of graph layer ” , it can allow by procedure we choose tool, compilatory tool tantivy, above small make up in taking each one to have a look at PPT together“Hide the function of division of window of ” of “ graph layer with very deep ” !

One, is what PPT graph layer? Is what graph layer? Layer of respecting “ graph”The “ graph layer that each one deserve can think of PS of software of spare tentative idea is medium”Viewpoint. The case of window of ” of “ graph layer in PPT is really“Choose ” window case, the graph layer function in it and PS is similar. Austere will tell, graph layer resembles is the film that contains the element such as writing or graph, one Zhang Zhang is folded by one after another put in together, combine the final result that makes a page, institute of the following plan is shown. 2, where is PPT graph layer? Turn over open law to have 2 kinds, take leave of is: Fast key reverses by course: Press secondhand [Alt+F10] assorted key can break up“Choose ” window case, the graph layer that picks demand to compile stops to compile but. By process menu breaks up: Click [germinant] - [compilatory] - [choose] - [choose window case] , break up“Choose ” window case, the graph layer that picks demand to compile stops to compile but. 3, the graph layer function of the penitentiary PPT of PPT graph layer and likeness of function of PS graph layer, consequently, its are penitentiary reach operate measure is very similar also.

For example: Be in when pile of the many elements in PPT page together when, if we want some piece of picture in compilatory pile or appearance element. A lot of people do not know PPT“ graph layer”When function, can meet removed the elemental one by one such as lower picture or appearance first, the picture that chooses demand again after that stops to mediate, if make,can bring about an achievement: The page is very confused. But, if you can use the “ graph layer of PPT”Function, won't present this kind of state.

Method one: Break up“Choose ” window case, demand is compilatory after indirect pitch on the graph layer title of the tool, can choose a tool and compilatory tool. Method 2: Break up“Choose ” window case, click the small eye of graph layer right, hide lower level or temporarily not the graph layer with compilatory demand. The demand is compilatory graph layer after be being shown only, compile after that the tool in graph layer but.

Method 3: Break up“Choose ” window case, press [Ctrl] key while pitch on upper part not the layer of many tools graph with compilatory demand, procrastinate downward after that drag mediate its basic level, right now, the tool with compilatory demand is in namely most lower level, can choose compilatory tool tantivy.