The PPT picture that how yields you has big visual sense?

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Achievement: How do two paces let your PPT photograph there is big visual sense?

Solve: Operate the three-dimensional fluoroscopy of PPT is done with the function that reflect a picture calm!

Operate in detail the following:

In gray setting, pull out photograph of a piece of gray. Meaning very relatively move, it is scenic colour from the derive in the picture, the department is the same as color of concatenate picture, this is the condition that produces big qualitative move.

Pitch on photograph, click — of “ picture result three-dimensional turn round — clairvoyant ” , click original a clairvoyant pushbutton. (next graphs 3 place)

The result after setting end pursues below.

Still pitch on picture, click — of “ picture result to mirror picture — to reflect a picture after that aberrant ” . (next graphs 4 place)

Writing of original together with, do calm!

You also can be like make:

Summary: Three-dimensional turn round with mirror a picture to be able to be associate of a gold, each one can be tasted inside in all result, down to is configuration parameter, you can be invented is 6 close, niu Shan shows willing draw inferences about other cases from one instance, bring each one more tentative idea feeling.