PPT uses figure + jointly, masking of the picture that make

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Element waits to stress the character on the picture in the design of PPT picture material, we change other and less important element via often can using masking method theory in order to stress picture character. A lot of friends are the professional tool such as PS of have the aid of will add unconscious board the effect, actually “ appearance ” can make have the aid of cheat board the effect, should make next graphs highlight for instance on the right side of the effect of belle image (graph 8) .

Graph give typical examples of 8 masking effect

Original intent is inserted in PPT, click “ to insert rectangular ” of → appearance → , insert the rectangle of a proper size, adjust rectangular right side predestined relationship position of belle head frontal eminence. Click “ to insert ” of aleatoric polygon of → appearance → , polygonal area the setting is the area between belle head portrait and rectangle. Because polygon cannot draw the outline of facial department section accurately, can right attack a choice polygonal “ edits apical ” , pull the acme that moves mouse general polygon editorial with facial department section as far as possible joint (graph 9) .

Graph 9 editors are apical

The rectangle that pitch on inserts and polygon, click → of appearance of “ format → to combine ” , the graph that inserts two is combined. Pitch on combines a graph, its outline setting is without, fill setting is “ of lubricious ” of “ gradual change, direction right setting of ” , diaphaneity is 0, can get the masking result in similar give a demonstration so (graph 10) . Of course we also can pass stuff other facial expression (if fill white withholds belle picture only) will obtain more to handle the effect.

Graph 10 masking effect