How to match in the PPT process that make good color

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Colorific is applied, it is PPT and class a when collocation of the color when making should consider important facet.

One, the basis that understands color collocation

Color dish: Want to understand the use of color, but from color dish begin. Color dish include 12 kinds of color.

3 groups of color:

In color dish go up, 12 kinds of color are divided to be 3 groups:

–Unbleached: Red, Lahe is yellow. From theoretic tell, other facial expression mixes by these 3 kinds of color and become.

–Color: Green, violet with orange. These color are formed through mixing two kinds of primary colors.

–Answer color: Orange color is red, amaranthine, La Zi, blue olivine of Huanghe of green, orange. These color are formed through mixing 6 kinds of afore-mentioned color.

2, two masterstroke that undertake color matchs

1.Masterstroke one: Complementary color

The definition of complementary color: The color of relative position is complementary color. If the A in the graph, B is dichromatic.

The effect: The sharp contrast of complementary color, can produce dynamic result.

2.Masterstroke 2: Approximate color

The definition of approximate color: The color of photograph adjacent is approximate color. In be like a graph 1, 2 dichromatic. Every kinds of color has two kinds (in color dish on be located in its of two side) approximate color.

The effect: Use approximate color, can produce harmonious and unified result, because two kinds of color include the 3rd kind of color.

If pursue, the first kind of color (yellow) through transferring color (olivine) transfer the 3rd kind of color (green) .

Colour collocation is door knowledge, sequel is chatting ……