1 minute of implementation match caption example tutorial for PPT video

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The person that demonstrates to add video in PPT nowadays is increasing, video image is dramatic, but the theme that does not follow you certainly is complete be identical, at that time, we have to deserve to go up for video afresh caption, let it accord with the idea that we want to convey. Match caption for PPT video, can this plug-in unit comes to STAMP For PowerPoint of have the aid of implementation. The catenary outside supporting because of small letter, download for convenient everybody, need the friend of this plug-in unit, pay close attention to “ to handle official bussiness to sign ” first please, send message “STAMP” next, can get specific download address.

The 1st pace: This STAMP plug-in unit supports PowerPoint 2010 and above version. The solution after downloading plug-in unit is pressed, run among them installation file to install can.

Graph 1 STAMP installs guide

The 2nd pace: Video is inserted in PowerPoint, will give STAMP caption to edit an interface from move (the clew draw a frame round that plays a video format likely still not to match, need not manage it clicks “ is ” affirms went) .

Click next below green “+” pushbutton adds line of a time, it is OK that caption written language is added in the “Caption Text” casing on the right side of its. Can be in at the same time above broadcast or pause, add below at the same time on corresponding caption explanation.

The caption of graph 2 STAMP edits an interface

The 3rd pace: Broadcast video to add corresponding caption at the same time at the same time, until finish. If click Create pushbutton directly,achieve the word of caption at this moment, will make mistake, because now the end time of every time line is 0, this has a problem apparently. Can the hand uses the end time that alters every time line, OK also can pass above on set of green triangle pushbutton. The setting ends, it is OK to click “Create” to found.

Finally, press F5 bolts, see the effect, very cruel! If how think re-edit caption does? “ video tool chooses in upper part - broadcast ” caption, it is OK to click the “Edit Captions” inside again.