Implementation lets company badge mark appear in the method in all PPT slide

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Liu manager uses the ” of “ slide mother matrix in PPT 2010, add company badge mark easy to doly the product to publicize piece in all slide, and they show in each pieces of slide same locally.

1, the PPT 2010 that start is founded automatically new after demonstrating manuscript, have unified outward appearance to let demonstrate manuscript, the rich theme form that in designing ” option to get stuck through “ first, offers, use a kind of professional style to demonstrate manuscript, be like, choose ” of theme of mountains and rivers-land of “ strange show.

Choose form of a kind of theme

2, company badge mark is added in slide. Switch gets stuck to option of “ view ” , click in group of options of ” of view of “ mother matrix [slide mother matrix] pushbutton.

Enable view of slide mother matrix

3, in “ slide in view of mother board ” , the slide mother that ensures pitch on is the most topmost board.

The slide mother with the toppest choice board

4, switch inserts ” option card to “ , in group of options of “ image ” , click [picture] pushbutton.

Thrust picture button

5, the “ that opens in immediately inserts picture ” dialog box in, navigation arrives in the folder that deposits company badge mark, find the picture document of need, doubleclick it, can insert its slide quickly in mother board.

Choose company badge bid

6, in slide in mother board, the mouse procrastinates drag, adjust the volume of badge mark appropriately, place its appropriate locally, those who be like slide is right next horn.

Adjust the size of badge mark and position
7, the “ that gets stuck in option of ” of “ slide mother matrix shuts ” option click in the group [shut mother matrix view] pushbutton, shut slide mother board.

Shut mother matrix view

After passing afore-mentioned settings, no matter Liu manager is in next in the operation, add how many slide, the right place playing role of each pieces of slide will appear same company badge symptom, and, it won't by optional pitch on, shift, delete etc, unless you enter “ slide again view of mother board ” .

Visible in all slide company badge sign

Liu manager was used only a few minutes short in adding company badge mark all slide, and the indication position in slide is identical. Already the time that leave out adds badge mark to demonstrating manuscript one by one, saved the time that adjusts buy of badge scalar potential in great quantities again, work efficiency gets rising effectively.

To make publicize piece have appeal more, let a client understand company product more clearly, besides outside concise, vivid character is used to describe in slide, liu manager still needs to use graph, picture to reveal product data with more intuitionistic means