The PPT that how lets you is met " speech "

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Common saying says the head since all things is difficult, good beginning is successful half. And PPT vision window is advanced a few pages, should use topic characteristic and figure the appetite of rapid trice audience, let them have patience and the opinion on public affairs that expects you are follow-up. So how to design good beginning? From visual angle, core is outstanding, the point of view is clear, had better have certain visual wallop. Once had written an article " the reflection that PPT design brings " to the processing of this respect means has had think. Basically be this visual wallop thought in development this topic.

Have the thing of topic contradiction sex or person

If common topic, do not have wallop probably. But, turn the female of some insularity into the friend when all these, everything changed. So not quite lecture of the learning that attracts eyeball communication becomes have interest extremely. This is cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions only, consider many children's footwear to be able to consider this issue even crooked. So, still want those who hold good design and topic to spend, the PPT topic that interior grooms is OK of course cloak processing, other relatively formal circumstance still wants good good consider.

Contracted setting and the picture that remember easily

Tecent pony elder brother ever had made a definition to the artistic design in the product: “ as far as possible simple ” . Especially in actual life, people has come up against too much vision bomb. Contracted do not be equal to simple, transmit information with the properest way however.

Every screen design transmits a kind of information only as far as possible, those who carry originality and plan is accurate match.

Try to put the key word in liberal record.

Big to having a competition pull, literal big picture is little or picture old script is small.

The clarity that carries a written language identifies a gender, the character is the smallest not under 14, gray scale is less than 80% .

The attempt becomes figure with topic figure, when people comes up against familiar thing, the speech ~ that blends in you more easily (that notices its are not used of course in commercial use ~ )

As a result of certain reason, cover cannot do too give prize. Contracted + interesting graph also is must. Achieve what rate after all more appropriate, try eyeball of have sth in mind of narrow one's eyes, see a visual sense confused, have thematic figure, can you arrive soon theme?

360 degrees originality is embedded

The PPT that the speech puts on the ice besides the Na Lengbing on the wall is umbriferous, you still can try to do bit of anything else. Presentation of true condition style perhaps is good way, the enthusiasm that can arouse whole already (main holder should be participated in) , bring the atmosphere of the spot into play again.

Want to learn a lasting truth, everybody had not seen not quite additional kind performance forever can the eyeball of audience of race to control.

This is this year branch of net of Tecent big another name for Guangdong Province explains to public a setting of the meeting, originality is not complex, call trade center news broadcast over a radio network. Imitate is the modelling of ability Red Army with cognitive masses. If put setting on annual meeting, the likelihood appears not quite fresh. But, the attempt changes train of thought, same originality continue to use arrives another setting, can cause to breathe out madly however ~ of cry in fear

So, everything thinks more, in the mode with a certain common domain, in another domain the likelihood appears originality is sheer. To thinking, not should too cling outmodel conventions, crossing bound type to ponder over mode should be the material that prospective times needs.