How is SmartArt inserted in PPT and install tutorial of animation effect example

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We are in the slide that make, know exactly about sth of constant regular meeting occupies statistic to analyse, the character that hierarchy arranges, too complex or the relation establishing record between them is too occasionally abstract, describe with the character already burdensome very not clear, at that time we can choose the expressional way of SmartArt graph, make the relation between them more simple understand, also can make whole space of a whole page vivid and beautiful. We try its way below.

Operate measure

1 switch arrives [insert] option gets stuck, be in [illustration] options group, click [SmartArt] .

Insert SmartArt

2 in the dialog box [choice SmartArt graph] in choose a kind, I chose here [relation] in [ray is teeming] . After the choice ends [affirmatory] .

Choice ray is teeming

Character of 3 ordinal inside casing inputs.

Input character

4Effect of animation of SmartArt graph setting is OK whole is added, also can add respectively to each part, should add respectively should cancel graphical combination above all. Graph of pitch on SmartArt, be in [SmartArt tool] — [format] in option card, click [arrange] options group, leaving the alternative in pulling face plate [combination] — [cancel to combine] .

Cancel to combine

5 at that time our discovery jumps turn to plot tool, pitch on graph, click mouse right key, choose again in playing the quick menu that go out [combination] — [cancel to combine] .

Cancel to combine

6 at that time graphical ability by together piece add animation effect respectively. Pitch on random a graph, switch arrives [animation] option gets stuck, be in [advanced animation] options group, click [add animation] , falling in drawing list optional an animation effect. Repeat this measure until add to every part on animation effect.

Add animation effect

7 repeat [measure 6] add to every part respectively on animation effect, the effect pursues as follows, every part has an animation number respectively.

Add finish

Attention: 1, when SmartArt graph is more complex, whether is the input position that notes text on corresponding concern line. 2, must cancel twice to combine ability to install animation effect respectively.