It is easy also that PPT demonstrates to want to give prize

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Everything stands beforehand, do not abandon beforehand, PPT demonstrates also is same. An outstanding PPT manuscript, still need to undertake perfect synchronism demonstrates, ability produces demonstrated the biggest result. That is to say PPT makes an end not everything is just fine, still need to demonstrate PPT to make a few preparation for the spot, this is the final measure that the person that demonstrate passes PPT content the audience, also be the most crucial link. Because PPT manuscript serves to demonstrate, if demonstrate to fail, PPT is again perfect also be invalid. Before demonstrating accordingly, we must accomplish all of “ all things to have, wait only appear on the stage ” , had made sufficient preparation to make a speech.

Rehearse, alone rehearse prepares

So called rehearse closes the door namely, open PPT, have ego imitate speech, broadcast slide at the same time namely, explain according to needing to undertake at the same time. Although be unmanned condition,fall, but must resemble be like the spot, meticulous ground undertakes oratorical, can discover the problem that exists possibly in this process. We still can undertake kinescope, so can more specific aim ground discovers and solve a problem. Normally we can undertake rehearse from 4 respects (the 1) that be like a graph.

1, those who demonstrate manuscript is perfect

In the process that broadcasts manuscript, whether does the text picture in manuscript of our need examination have by accident, broadcast order unbalanced, the choice of animation is logical, whether does phonic video file maintain presence with P P T

Same folder. What special specification needs here is, a lot of people do not want to remember explaining content, like to will become paragraph of character to be put in P P T, when demonstrating, illuminate read, this is very unreasonable. Actually we can fill in explaining content in remarks column, open PPT2013, switch gets stuck to option of “ view ” , click pushbutton of “ note ” , demonstrating manuscript lower part to be able to appear remarks casing, relevant content the input is here (the 2) that be like a graph, showing so view of the person that demonstrate is used when demonstrating manuscript, won't show remarks content on big screen. Move repeatedly even additionally demonstrate manuscript, repeat the file that opens a link for many times.

2, of spot clue set beforehand

Demonstrate to just do not follow the prescribed order broadcast slide, basically be more communicate content the audience, this arouses the interest of the audience with respect to need, draw their attention, let an audience can remember explaining content. Right now we demonstrate a clue to undertake designing to our with respect to need, be like: A few interactive game are added in demonstrating a process, tell a few brilliant old practices or watch a few paragraphs of video, if can move a spectator,pay close attention to those who demonstrate only, that can try with respect to us.

It is more important to should explain “ experience compares record of formal schooling for instance ” , designed a such stories. Some soap works installs leakage of regular meeting of soap equipment classics automatically, occurrence sky box, because this factory director lets the doctor of technical ministry seek a means of settlement, the doctor was spent about a hundred 10 thousand, designed one each to use sorting device, and the worker in the factory spent many 100 to achieve similar result: An electric fan was put by equipment, empty case can be blown automatically this story explained …… well oneself viewpoint.

3, the control that demonstrates time

Demonstrating time decide completely very hard, the time of the plan when rehearse and the time that demonstrate actually may somewhat deviation, this needs us to dominate good time when rehearse, and prepare a few can add the content that may delete, normally can from below 4 respects undertake redeeming (if express 1) .

If hold from whole,demonstrate time to have difficulty, we can consider to demonstrate our cent to be a certain number of phase, next the important rate according to content is reasonable allot time. In rehearse process, when each part ends, the time that spends place and plan time undertake contrast, make up for the method of difference certainly again. Demonstrate time for accurate control, we can enable ” of “ lecturer view, switch shows ” option clip to “ slide, tick off choose “ to use ” of view of the person that demonstrate, “ to broadcast aside ” , “ to use timing ” and “ to show media accuses a ”(to be like graph 3) , when showing slide so, can appear in computer end remarks and time, and can appear only on projector demonstrate manuscript.

4, the adjustment of posture language

If demonstrate,be to stand before the audience, so posture language also appears particularly important, because of the sound that what the audience shows when demonstrating is him not just, still have the body language such as movement, expression, eyes. Because this is in rehearse process cannot bureau be confined to demonstrates content adjust, best can have one side mirror in order to see oneself limbs language, in order to adjust oneself posture language (the 4) that be like a graph.

Give an examination, forgetful of avoid by all means

The examination before setting out is very important omnibus examination, include the examination such as manuscript, equipment, inspection job can be in advancement setting out goes, but must stay have enough the time that makes up for error, the examination that includes 3 fields normally (the 5) that be like a graph.

1, demonstrate manuscript, many way is checked

To demonstrating person for, the importance that demonstrates manuscript is self-evident, we basically check content of manuscript condition, manuscript and backup manuscript. Manuscript condition is manuscript is complete degree, especially whether does phonic video file follow demonstrate manuscript to be put together, whether broadcast normally. Content examination contains the content such as character, graph, if demonstrate manuscript to be not broadcasted on his computer, notice the font of manuscript certainly, used special style especially, had better bale font in manuscript, otherwise the character in manuscript may amlposition. In Powerpoint2013, occurrence dialog box of ” of option of → of file of choice menu “ (the 6) that be like a graph, switch “ saves ” option, tick off choose “ to embed font file ” , click “ to decide ” pushbutton can. Check backup finally whether is demonstrating manuscript final version, manuscript is saved had better be in at the same time computer, U dish with the net dish middleman and guarantor is put, such ability ensure no risk at all.

2, the individual is worn outfit, expert already decent

Nature of the person that demonstrate when demonstrate is a focus, because this outfit is very important. We must choose appropriate and decent move to install according to demonstrated content, normally we can choose to install from 4 respects (the 7) that be like a graph.

3, check the amount equips, of this belt must take

All sorts of when should demonstrating on the belt, should use equipment before setting out, convenient word had better carry his computer, begin is hit to show manuscript to may appear on other computer version is incompatible, video of change of occurrence chaos code, font, sound especially Flash cannot be broadcasted wait for a problem. A lot of moment are these detail problems are brought about demonstrate occurrence breakdown, because this can list a detailed list (if express 2) , advancement setting out contrasts one by one all right.

The spot is debugged, success or failure all is in right now

The play that demonstrates the spot is the key that demonstrates a success, we just can speak with fervor and assurance in the environment that is familiar with in oneself normally, easy freely, won't have too much unwell. Because this can be familiar with first conditionally,demonstrate field. Above all the assembly room has been decorated ahead of schedule commonly, it is OK to after arriving, need to be familiar with only, for instance: The assembly room is decorated whether to facilitate interactive, stand the position whether let an audience look clear, of big screen put the position to whether can ensure all audiences can look clear, whether can if discover unreasonable place can sponsor square harmonious processing please,the lamplight of the spot cause blind area …… , mishandle is adjusted by oneself when demonstrate. The equipment that should examine oneself namely finally whether normal join, for instance power supply cord is come up against whether easily, batteries whether normal power supply, the literal audience on screen whether see well, the volume of microphone is appropriate, demonstrate manuscript in good condition etc.

Demonstrate wonderfully, depend on not just PPT, more important is the person of use PPT, same PPT demonstrates through different person, the effect also is completely different. Had done these bagatelle that demonstrate early days only, when demonstrate ability accomplishs a heart to not have by look for, will demonstrate the effect the biggest change.

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