How is Word underline keyed in

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When everybody is using Word to handle official bussiness, may encounter need to make the case of blank underline sometimes, so how should be the blank underline of Word hit? Let below small make up bring for youWordKey in the method of underline.

Word underline installs a method to be as follows:

01 methods one:

Open Word, build a piece of empty Bai Ye.

02 informal inputs a few words.

03 bolt by blank space, underline wants how long, blank space is pressed how long.

Part of key of blank space of 04 pitch on.

It is OK to attacked key-press of underline of menu column “U” at 5 o'clock.

06 methods 2:

Press "CTRL" + "SHIFT" , cut the input method to systematic input method. The place of underline is made in need, the key " (that presses horizontal line of "SHIFT" + " is in number 0 right) can hit.

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