How does Word2007 set format and pattern

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Word is Office series most frequent software is used in office software. To major user, the working no more than that can use Word to do only normally is to print an article, write a paper to report these content. Can be not possible so, but novice won't, how to do? Is there the method that knows easily simply? Below small invent the method that teachs you how to set format and pattern in Word2007.

Word2007 sets the means of format and style

Open Word, choose view, navigation window case, open navigation window case. Can show the order and degree of caption. Apply to feature-length Word inquiry, jump turn.

Pick Chinese chapter name, set appropriate font and size.

In position of “ text ” right key — is revised, set text pattern.

In modification style dialog box, choose format — style, undertake text font is installed.

The setting parts Chinese, the font of article is mixed on the west size.

The choice revises ” of modal —“ paragraph, have phase retractive, row spacing the setting that wait.

Make the same method on in order to is installed, the format of caption of 1 class, 2 class, 3 class.

After the setting is finished, can choose Chinese word content, click corresponding format. Corresponding navigation window case also can show caption classifications circumstance.