Word2007 cannot be opened how to solve

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The problem appears when Word2007 double stroke does not open clew to send an order to the program, about this problem, next small the means of settlement that arranges the case with simple citing to tell everybody Word2007 cannot be opened, welcome everybody to learn.

The means of settlement that Word2007 cannot open

Word safe mode is started

Open moving dialog box by WIN+R shortcut key

“winword/safe” command is keyed in in opening text draw a frame round, click “ to decide ” pushbutton

Clear to load

Open Word 2007 documentation, click the “Office pushbutton ” of top left corner

The list that come out is clicked most below “Word option ”

Play a Word option window, the “ to load that clicks left window case ” , the to load of “Word of the choice in running option in right window ” clicks the “ on the side to turn to ” pushbutton

Play a pattern plate and to load the window, click card of option of ” of “ pattern plate, in common pattern plate and to load the “ that right clicks in list deletes ” pushbutton to delete all already the project of to load

The pattern plate of automatic to load when deleting Word to start and to load

Open moving dialog box by WIN+R shortcut key, key in respectively the following two method, open folder window %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\office12\startup%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP by carriage return

The mouse is right attack above two folder, play the menu that go out to click “ to delete ” command

Delete Normal.dotm file

Key is combined to open moving dialog box by WIN+R on clavier, key in the following method next, by carriage return key opens %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates of this folder window

The “ that clicks menu column organizes ”——“ folder and search option ” , play a folder option window, switch examines ” option card to “ , the scratch out that conceals the ” of operating system file that gets protection in “ of lieutenant general of lofty setting list is dropped and choice “ shows hidden file, folder and driver ” , click “ to decide ”

Mouse right key conceals what Templates folder falls file Normal.dotm to be deleted

The enrollment that deletes attaint is expressed

Beginning to search casing to key in “regedit” command, by carriage return key is opened register watch editor

The mouse doubleclicks left enrollment to express a tree to spread out the following on two branch



The mouse is right attack Word and Addins folder, click “ to name ” the command again, key in name “Word1” and “Addins1” to bolt by carriage return “ of right key of direct perhaps mouse deletes ”