The 2010 edition in Word install the operation method of acquiescent font

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How does Word2010 set acquiescent font size? Does Word set the means of acquiescent font format? Ffice2010 software undertook substantially correcting, a lot of users do not know how Word2010 sets acquiescent style, how is font size revised to Word acquiesce, today, small write the operation skill that teachs everybody to set acquiescent style in the 2010 edition in Word.

The 2010 edition in Word install the operation measure of acquiescent font:

Method 1. Font menu is adjusted

1. Open Word2010 documentation, in finding menu column—Font option pursues as follows.

2. In occurrence font attribute dialog box, the acquiescent font type that has editing need modification, click “ setting to be worth ” for acquiesce next.

Method 2 revise through page layout

1. After opening Word2010 documentation, find the page position in menu column—The page installs option to pursue as follows.

2. After the “ page that open installs ” , find ” of “ documentation reseau to click inside font of a “ sets ” right lower part.

3. In occurrence font editor dialog box, set corresponding font pattern. Click “ to install acquiesce to be worth ” can.

Style of 4 editors font sets the means

1. Open Word documentation to find pitch on among them one part character, perhaps do not choose to also go. Menu of “ of font of right key ‘ .

2 tick off after choosing font menu, enter font menu to edit the window likewise. The setting is clicked to be acquiescent value after the setting is good.

Font format acquiesces before restoring

After altering acquiescent style, how to restore former type?

1. Need us above all inside folder option, open show conceal a document.

Inside the 2 computer that discover me, ordinal find the file address;C:\ belowAdministrator\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates.

Find and delete file of Normal.dotm pattern plate to be able to restore acquiescent font.

The 2010 edition in Word set the operation of acquiescent font