Only window and the operation method of many window are installed in Word

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Word has a lot of version, the column of a few tools of every version is in different, the Word window acquiesce of 2007 edition is much window mode, because need wants switch sometimes,be only window mode. But can not know where switch is sometimes, today, small invent the operation method that teachs everybody to install only window and much window in Word.

The operation move that only window and much window install in Word is as follows:

Word2007 edition software is much window mode mostly.

But sometimes the window that we want to open two independence at the same time will use, change only window pattern however with respect to need so.

The “ view ” that should choose menu column to go up above all, with respect to column of meeting occurrence tool.

Recomposition window chooses in working column, can having 3 option is perpendicular respectively, level, cascade.

Choice cascade can change pattern of only option cascade.

The word that chooses a level can become next figures.

Only window and the operation of many window are set in Word