How to add cake state plan in Word

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When editing documentation, occasionally we need to insert cake graph to perfect documentation content, knowing how to insert cake to pursue so also is very useful, the method is very actually simple also, so below by small the skill that writes everybody to share next is in in Word to add cake shape to pursue, the hope can help you.

The move that adds cake state plan in Word is as follows:

Measure one: We choose to “ inserts ” and choose “ chart ”

Measure 2: Entered new interface to appear chart of “ tree shape "

Measure 3: Right on chart key selects " icon kind "

Measure 4: We can choose ” of “ cake shape

Measure 5: We can choose the cake shape kind that we want to click “ to decide ”

Measure 6: The overlay of the graph appeared here! We are OK the graph kind that right key understands him not to need

Measure 7: After be clear about through a few! Appeared the cake state plan that we need!

Measure 8: We still can pass choice “ data to nod format " to change their color!

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