How to give a picture add character in Word

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When we use Word daily, often also can need to insert a picture in Word, at the same time to explain, we often also need to add a few written languages on the picture, so below by small the skill that writes everybody to share next is in in Word to give a picture add character, the hope can help you.

The move that gives a picture add character in Word is as follows:

Measure one: Above all we open documentation of a blank Word, click next insert —— picture —— to come from file option;

Measure 2: In shooting the dialog box that give, we choose a picture to insert go in Word, next below begin a setting how to play the character in the picture above;

Measure 3: After the picture is inserted, we click right key to choose —— to show picture tool column on the picture, open; of picture tool column

Measure 4: Following plan institute are shown, we attack the icon; that that character surrounds in the noodle on picture tool column

Measure 5: After clicking a character to surround, playing line of next the choice in drawing list that give at literal lower part, pass such settings, can go to picture set off literal lower part;

Measure 6: We begin to input a character below, can see the character has shown directly in the picture above, finished; with respect to the operation so

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